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To fly in Portugal.

For Portugal, send an email to


Certificate of Airworthiness
Certificate of Registration
Aircraft Radio License
Pilot License
Medical form
Photo of aircraft

French Application Form.

French Application Form.

First thing you have to pay is to pay 50 Euros to the French Authorities, for this got to

Once that's opened click on one of the blue boxes that is entitled LAISSEZ-PASSER (Foreign Aircraft)

Then once that window has opened click on the payment for 50 Euros, and NOT the one for 100 Euros

To apply for the actual permit, download the form DGAC_LP6 rev 1 here. This you can apply for to run from the day you apply until 7 days before your current permit expires.

Spanish Forms

Please note you will need a Class 2 Medical Certificate.

Spanish Forms can be found here

British Rotorcraft  |  Flying Abroad

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