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Wher can you learn to fly, in this section you should find the answer. There is a link to the entire list of instructors in the UK and links to individuals with their locations

At the bottom of the page is the PPL (G) Syllabus


Both Magni and Autogyro are both busy testing their respective aircrafts with the Rotax 915. This should represent a great leap forward in Gyro capabilities.

We look forward to hearing the progress - maybe we will see something at Popham.


The Law as you probably know, has now chaged.. All primary radio's must be 8.33 khz frequency spacing NOT 25 khz . The CAA are quite clear on this now and i have attached a link below to take you to the page on their website.

Flying Abroad

In this section you will find links to sites in various Countries where you can download permit applications. Included is France, Spain and Portugal.

Improving your Flying ability

A number of organisations now offer ways to enhance, improve and challenge your flying skills. The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training. IAPGT is probably the most structured way to achieve this. They offer online tools with "I am told" easy to use software and methodical prompts to keep your flying up to date.

The LAA and AOPA have Award scheme's that offer incentives for Pilot's to continue to challenge themselves so do look at these to see if anmy may suit you.

Gasco who we at the association whole heartedly support regularly offer Safety Evenings that you can attend, these are held at various locations and are widely published in both aviatiion magazines and on the website.

Another great way to improve your flying experience is to contact other pilots, see if you can set up mini groups and inform one another of flights you plane to make. It can be very intersting and more fun flying with others.


Record Autogyro Fly In attempt at Old Warden. Visit this historic venue and witness the biggest autogyro seen in the UK - certainly in recent years. See the oroginal Little Nellie from the James Bond Film "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE". Wing Commander Ken Wallis flew this remarkable little aircraft for 46 hours to give us that 7 minute scene in the film. We are alos hoping to have the largest display of flying model gyro's as well. This really should be a memorable event for any age.


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A couple of suggestions complete with links. You can now also get a quote through the LAA

Gyro Friendly Airfields

As this site develops we will add airfields that we know are pleased to welcome autogyro's.

Obviously as Sandown now belongs to two autogyro pilots this is top of our list. This is great news for autogyro's and the GA community at large.
Rochester where the 2013 open gyro competition was held
Chiltern Park. Home of Gyrocopter Experience Oxford
Rufforth - HQ for the Gyrocopter Experience and probably home to the most hangered autogyro's
Stoke in Kent. Always challenging with a great Cafe.
North Weald. Home to Gyrocopter Experience East London.
Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green - autogyroUK's HQ
Damyn's Hall. Always a great field to fly into.
Holmbeck Farm (West of Leighton Buzzard) lovely farm strip. Great people.


A collection of photo's that should interest gyro enthuiasts. This picture is of Ken Wigley's Calidus Trailer. It actually looks like a secret weapon to me

BRA Products

A small range of Caps, Badges, Sweatshirts and T Shirts with the BRA logo.

LAA and CAA permit info and help travelling to FRANCE

Gyro competition Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green 16th August.
sadly the weather deterred quite a few prospective visitors, however 11 aircraft flew in and 9 took part in the competition. None of those had ever taken part before.

Richard Harrison in the Callidus came 1st
Rupert Stanley in the M24 was 2nd
Ian Donnellan

Everyone agreed it was a fun experience although challenging in the strong crosswind.


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Single Seaters (Airworthy)

Recently (July 2017) two of our examiners and the owner of a single seat aircraft completed there Instruction and training in Wales. Great to see that its not totally impossible to fly on your own in ione of these incredible little machines.

Documents BRA. CAA. LAA.

Use thyis section to access Document 44 (Gyroplane Licensing) This includes the Syllabus.

The ANO (Air Navigation Order)


This section will guide you to the current list of Inspectors. Many of these will be able to carry out the maintenance as well.

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