Great News

Great News

We think it was worth the wait. After almost ten months and some really dogged toing and froing by Sophie Court, Guinness have confirmed that the BRA record breaker at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire has been officially recognised as a World Record. This should also give a little incentive to Old Warden to let us hold it there again in the future.

71 autogyro’s at one airfield in an 8 hour period is the record and, all pilots who are or were paid up BRA members on that day can apply for a ParticipantsCertificate.

Thank you to all of you that helped make this possible, Pilots, Officials, Witnesses, Photographers, FISO and the rest of the Old Warden team.

Please email with your name, aircraft reg that you flew in and your membership number and we will organise your certificate to be sent to you. Sadly there is a cost for this and it is £30.48 including P&P and we will send you a request for payment when you have sent your request.

We will also forward an image of your aircraft as you landed to keep with your certificate.

Maybe next year we should try to beat that and it a more central location thus giving more opportunities for pilots further up the country to join in.