Gyro Friendly Airfields


Southeast of Leicester, you will always have a warm welcome here and they have a lovely cafe, an extremely long hard runway and a lovely relaxed atmosphere. PPR 07966 298120

North Weald

Situated in the southeast corner of the Stansted TMZ. Listening squawk 0013 North Weald is a lovely Airfiled to fly into and as you can see by this image some pretty interesting aircraft are regularly flying there. Do dot climb above 1400ft QNH when in the TMZ. PPR is required. Frequency 123.530

There are a couple of gyro’s based here but we would not really describe NW as gyro friendly although things change so judge for yourself when you PPR 01992 524740

Popham Near Basingstoke

Home of The Gyrocopter Experience (Basingstoke). Examiner/Instructor Steve Boxall has a great selection of aircraft to choose from if you are ready to take a flight or learn to fly in a gyro. Popham (Home of the Microlight Trade Fair each May) is a great place to have your experience. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

Rochester EGTO

On the river Medway in Kent, this beautiful location is perfect for a visit. Afis is nice and friendly, there is always plenty going on and the landing fee here is £20.00.

PPR is essential 01634 869969

Arion Aviation is also based here and can contacted by email or by calling 01634 864753

Resident Gyro Instructor Kai Maurer has his Gyroschool here.

Rufforth Airfield

Rufforth Airfield has good facilities making it welcoming for those accompanying a student pilot, as well as the trainee pilot themselves. We have a large patio area with good views across the runways and seating allowing you to sit and watch the comings and goings at this busy airfield. We also have a light airy clubhouse which has recently been refurbished to a high standard and which also provides panoramic views of the airfield and runways.

Sackville (North Beds)

Sackville Flying Club, based in a quiet, pleasant rural location in North Bedfordshire, is home to a lively group of aviators, all of whom are passionate about flying. Within the club are three groups, whose interests span the three disciplines of Gliding, Microlight Flying and Power Flying. Many of our members have interests in more than one discipline, and indeed, some in all three. In addition, Tim has taken up Hot Air Ballooning and as a result we now host many more balloon launches than previously. We also host the annual Grass Roots Balloon Meet each autumn. Sackville Farm is home to an eclectic mix of aircraft, including several Group A aircraft, a self launching motor glider, a self launching sailplane, numerous flex wing and fixed wing microlights and a hot air balloon. This site provides general information about the activities of the Club, a photograph gallery with photographs from events, expeditions and fly-ins and location details for visitors by air and road.

Sandown EGHN

Purchased in 2013 by two Gyro Pilots. This airfield oozes atmosphere and its environment, The Isle of Wight is some spectacular flying. Your first overseas flight could be to hear, cross the Solent and you are in some great airspace.

Dan the airfield manager has made some huge changes there and the latest is a section of all weather runway for microlights.

Everyone there will give you a warm welcome. Gyro landing fee is just £13.00 and the guys on the radio are very helpful.

For the last few years the BRA have held a fly in and camping weekend in September and it has been a real special event.

Stoke (Medway Microlights)

A beautiful spot on the east of the Isle of Grain. Great to fly to. Just £5.00 landing fee and a great little cafe. Check opening times before you fly.

Very welcoming location