Here at the Gyro School we fly the CAA approved MTOSport, Calidus & Cavalon gyroplanes compliant with all requirements of the gyroplane airworthiness code, BCAR Section T. It is operated by most training schools around the world, they are one of the most reliable, best performing gyroplanes available. This makes them the first choice to many owner-pilots together with low operating costs.

The GyroSchool provides you with the very best of training in helping you to gain your CAA PPL(Gyroplanes) and the breathtaking Kent countryside provides a superlative and magnificent backdrop for it.


The Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke at Popham airfield is now the UK’s largest gyroplane school, with three instructors, four school aircraft and fantastic airfield facilities. With two of the UK’s most experienced instructors and examiners on-site we can do just about everything:

  • Ab-initio PPL training
  • PPL revalidations and renewals
  • Instructor training, testing, revalidation and renewal
  • Examiner training, testing and renewal
  • Commercial training and testing
  • Night training

And we are also the UK agents for Magni Gyro!


Gyroplanes, Gyrocopters, Autogiros they all cover the same type of aircraft, this being a cross between a fixed wing aeroplane and a helicopter. A gyroplane needs 50 to 150 yards to take off but only a few yards in which to land, this makes them one of the safest aircraft to fly. The rotor cannot stall like a fixed wing and they are far less complicated to fly than a helicopter and so much cheaper to run.


Gyroplanes, Autogyros, Gyrocopters or just plain Gyros – call them what you will, they are all the same fantastic flying machines! We are more than just a flying school – we provide a supportive community for you to realise your dreams and take flight in the most fantastic aircraft you can fly.


Andy Hawes based at Beccles in Norfolk. Instructs on an MTO sport open cockpit with an M24 side by side enclosed coming soon. Can also instruct on owners RAF 2000.

Call 07789 993818


North West Gyro is based at City Airport Manchester, formerly known as Barton Aerodrome. It’s the only Gyrocopter School in the North West of England authorised to conduct training for the issue of the PPL (G) in both, open cockpit, and enclosed aircraft. The school is led by Captain Phil Robinson, Chief Gyrocopter & Helicopter Instructor with over 30 years’ experience in Aviation.

The school’s purpose-built training facilities provide the ideal environment for flight training and ground study. Featuring dedicated classrooms, briefing rooms, a café serving hot/cold drinks and homemade cakes as well as a lounge & outside seating area.

How to get in touch:
Tel: 0161 710 2410


Alongside our fixed wing flight school, Highland Aviation is currently the only Approved Training Organisation Gyroplanes (UK.ATOG.0001) in the UK. With excellent weather and cheap internal flights to Inverness, we draw a student base from all parts the UK.

We currently offer the following Gyroplane courses:

Private Pilot’s Licence – PPL(G)
Night Rating – NR
Pilot Development Course
Mountain Flying Course
Beach Landing Course
Flight Instructor Course – FI(G)

Highland Aviation Gyroplane Flight Instructors are:
Will Roomes – PPL(G), FI(G), FIC(G), FE(G), NR
Nick Phippen – PPL(G), FI(G)


Experience flights right through to being a qualified pilot, learn to fly with us at Rufforth in Yorkshire

Based at Rufforth.
Call Jim on 07966 450212


Based at Shobdon.
Call 07802 506499


based in spectacular surroundings, Close to the Heart of Snowdonia and the beautiful beaches of Caernarfon Bay and the Menai Strait. Caernarfon Airport is wonderfully busy, with the Wales Air Ambulance and HM Coastguard’s Air-Sea Rescue Helicopters both based here. great cafeteria run by the Air Ambulance Volunteers and there is also an Aviation Museum. There are Fixed Wing and Microlight Flying Schools here as well as our renowned Gyrocopter Experience Flying School ! The whole family can happily spend the day at Caernarfon so you can enjoy a wonderful Flight in a Gyrocopter as a part of it !


Established in 1990 we are a UK based Microlight, Gyrocopter and Light Aircraft training organisation operating throughout the year at Clench Common Airfield in Wiltshire. Located near Marlborough, just south of Swindon, we are ideally situated in central southern England with easy access from all directions.


Owen Brooking runs the training school here at Damyn’s Hall aerodrome.

Offering State of the Art training materials and the very latest teaching techniques, tailored to suit your style of learning.

Based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Aveley Road, Upminster, RM14 2TN. Ideally situated for clients from London, Essex, Kent and East Anglia, the Airfield is only 10 minutes from Junction 29 of the M25.


David Beevers has over 30 years of Gyroplane experience. He is the senior CAA Gyroplane instructor. He hold and instructors, examiners, F.I.C and F.I.E rating.

David has experience in most types of gyroplane including single seat machines and is an LAA gyroplane instructor and test pilot.


I have now joined the team at the Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke, flying from Popham Airfield in Hampshire. We offer bespoke PPL(G) training, flight and ground examination, license revalidation and experience flights. I fly Magni M16 and Magni M24 gyroplanes.

From the 1st March 2022 I will also be operating part time from the Enstone flying club, based at Enstone airfield in Oxfordshire. For flights from this school please contact me on 07855 301799

Join The British Rotorcraft Association

If you have an interest in Gyros, you are invited to join the British Rotorcraft Association.

As a member you will gain access to the members only area (not yet set up) of the site, the BRA Club, be kept up to date with the rapid advances in Gyro technology, informed of the certification progress of new Gyros as they become available and new locations for training.