Join The B.R.A.

Join The B.R.A.

If you have an interest in Gyros, you are invited to join the British Rotorcraft Association.

As a member you will gain access to the members only area of the site, the BRA Club, be kept up to date with the rapid advances in Gyro technology, informed of the certification progress of new Gyros as they become available and new locations for training.

The British Rotorcraft Association is the representative body for Gyro owners and enthusiasts to the CAA. The Gyro industry is the fastest growing industry in Sport Aviation. It’s exciting, it’s the “new kid on the block”. Be a part of it.

Membership of the association costs £25 per year.

As a member, you will receive regular email news invitations to fly-ins and special offers at events such as the annual Record Breaker.

Follow the link button below or click on the membership card to sign up and join the BRA, upon doing so you will receive official documentation of your membership and will be permitted to sign up to our Members Only Area of the site.

Once you have subscribed and completed your login on the member software you will then need to register separately on the website. You can either use the same login details or another unique password. Once registered you will then just have a short wait before your approval and you should also receive an invitation to use the app on your mobile.

To become a B.R.A member or to renew your membership please click the link below.