Leicester DeBrief

Leicester DeBrief

The forecast for the day was certainly not encouraging and particularly in the east, a fair bit of clag was predicted. Reasonably strong winds from the North also sadly put a few of you off.

I have to report that sadly all this lead to the record not being challenged, however those of you that did get to Leicester made the day a very impressive and enjoyable fly in.

Some particular highlights for me were that one pilot made the trip all the way down from Perth, although with a couple of stopovers and an overnight at Barton. However great to Paul Kerry and welcome him to the event. We will read more about him later.

Another highlight for me was the arrival of Pat Gardner in his 912 powered cricket. Yep 912, the only one of its kind, “at the moment” and all built and properly processed through the LAA by Pat himself.

Having intentionally moved the event north, I thought it inevitable that some from “down South” wouldn’t make it and surprised given the wind that more from “up north” didn’t rock up. Great to meet the guys from Rufforth East as well and sad to hear how many pilots from all over were unable to attend due to unissued permits or maintenance issues.

If any of you would like to write in and tell us your story about those issues, we would always like to hear them. Get it off your chest as they say.

So 49 aircraft in all landed in the allotted window and we would thank you all for your valuable efforts and enjoyable banter.

Thank you also to all of you that helped in organizing the day as although we never set any records, I am pretty sure we all enjoyed the fly in.

A special thanks to John Truman who provided the PA system, organized two of the videographers (if that’s even a word) and guided me through the day to keep me focused. Ish.

Thank you also to the Volunteers, Hugh, Lorna, Vanessa, Sophie to name but a few who also put in the hours to make the day a success.

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