On the up – Membership growing and more

On the up – Membership growing and more

This year I’m extremely pleased to tell you that membership continues to grow with three more this month. I am on a mission now to stamp out historic divisions within the gyro community and get us all back on side. If we can invigorate interest, camaraderie and fun then this association can once again be a essential and influential part of gyro Aviation in the UK.

New Polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces will hopefully be available before Popham and two orders placed recently on the website will be delivered before the end of March.

Finally I am pushing for a BRA reporting system, this is so we can collect data and forward it to the right authorities without pilots feeling like they are being ignored or misrepresented. it should also make us all more aware of what is possible and therefore safer.

Please let me have your thoughts

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