Wake up call

Wake up call

Ten years ago, I volunteered to host and look after the BRA website, to be membership secretary, treasurer, and events coordinator.

At our last AGM in 2021, we asked if anyone wanted to join the committee and sadly there were no takers.

Since I joined, Kai Barnett has also been Chairman and although not so much in the public eye, represents the association well at both Gasco and CAA meetings, where of course we (The Association) is still a recognised stakeholder.

Since 2013 we have through ill health, other commitments or just plain old age lost from the committee

John Goldspink

Steve Boxall

Tom Geake and

Will Garton Jones.

All of these guys helped glue the association together and played a part in it remaining a valuable asset to both the GA community and of course Gyro owners and Pilots in the UK.
Well, with just two of us it will be impossible to keep the association going, neither practically or indeed legally.

I am really asking you guys to think hard about where this leaves us and of course to ask you to put yourselves forward for election at the next AGM.

We currently have 165 live members, we have a computerised membership package and now a membership card printer, to that end the membership secretary for example only needs perhaps 30 minutes a week and a small element of computer experience.

Treasurer, not really necessary for me to describe these requirements except to say we have approximately £12,000.00 in the bank and we spend on events, sponsorship, postage and merchandise, not much more than that. Membership fees land in either the bank or paypal automatically so no great onus on you there.

Events Coordinator. I love my involvement with events and I do get help from members, challenging to do enough and geographically impossible when you live in the south to arrange anything in the north. Other members prepared to join events planning would be great.

Chairman, maybe one of you feels you could make a real difference and it seems grossly unfair to expect Kai to do a fourth term. Please think about what changes you could make going forward.


Steve Paffett.


The British Rotorcraft Association. 1 Focal Point, Lacerta Court, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. SG6 1FJ.

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